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Hello everybody! :)

I've decided to do the Get-To-Know-Me-Tag. I think that I don't have to explain what this tag about. It's self explanatory, thought. So let's start!

Vital Stats

Name: Vanessa aka Yanisa
Nicknames: Yaya (everybody calls me that); Mu (every Thai person has a nickname, which are given by their parents at birth. btw. my nickname means pig in english...); Love (my second nickname that I've got it by my parents at birth, because I was born on Valentines Day)
Birthday: February 14th 1999
Place of Birth: Chon Buri, Thailand (I really want to go there!)
Star Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Student


Hair Colour: My natural hair colour is black, but I've changed my hair colour to ombre. So I have my hair half black and half something else hahah (sometimes red, blonde etc..). 
Hair Length: Long, but not long enough argghh. 

You can see my hair length a little bit
(without curls they are a little bit longer)
Eye Colour: I would say black, but black eye colours doesn't exist. So dark brown. 
Best Feature: Uhmm.. I don't know. My hair
Braces: Soon...
Piercings: Just on in each ear.
Tattoos: Nope
Right or Left: Right.


Best Friend: Seriously, I don't know.
Award: I'm so untalented, that I've never received any awards. xD Actually I don't know.
Sport: Nothing (I hate sport).
Real Holiday: Uhmmm
Concert: Never been. 


Film: V for Vendetta; Spirited Away
TV Show: Arghh favourite tv show.. That's to difficult! Doctor Who? No The Flash. No Once Upon A Time. Arghh you know what I give up. I don't have a favourite tv show, because they are good in their own way!
Colour: Finally an easy question! Blue. And yes I do have an explanation for that. Blue is my favourite colour, because it's mean hope for me. 
Song: Love Story by Taylor Swift
Restaurant: Ehmm.. Every restaurants that serve food! 
Shop: I don't really have a favourite shop, but I'll choose a shop where I often buy and that is Amazon.
Books: Definitely The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa!
Shoes: Uhmm weird question, because that depends on my clothes and what I'm going to do. 


Feeling: Good, excited (because of my birthday tomorrow), tired (I did wake up a little bit to early today)
Single or Taken: Taken <3 

My boyfirend and me <3
Eating: candys 
Thinking About: Homework. (Actually I have to do so many homework now..)
Watching: How can I watch something, if I write this post right now? 
Wearing: White ripped knee jeans with a black top and a black sweat jaket. 


Want Children: No.
Want to be Married: No.
Careers in Mind: My dream job is to become a teacher for math and computer scientist. 
Where you wnat to live: Uhmm.. I want to live in Great Britain, but I don't know where. 

Do you Believe in...

God: No.
Miracles: No.
Love at First Sight: Yes. 
Ghosts: If I ever met a ghost, I'll tell you.
Aliens: Of course! It can't be that we're the only living creature in the whole universe.
Soul Mates: Yes.
Kissing on the First Date: Ehmm.. A good night kiss or something like that.

Well that was much of writing, but it was funny too. I hope that you feel like to know me better now. 

I tag all of you who wants to do this tag! 
So... YOU'VE BEEN TAG hahah

Yanisa <3

Yanisa (acityofbooksblog)

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