Bookish Question #1

Hello reader fans! 

I start a new project and it's called "Bookish Question". So here I'll try to post every week one bookish question and then answered it. You can answered the question too in the comment below or on your own blog. If you answered it on your blog then please put my blog link on that post :) 

Btw sorry, my english isn't very well 🙊

So let's start.

The question for today is:

What's your favourite book format?

I think that this is a good question.. 

First of all, we are all different and we do it in different ways and it's definitely okay. The important thing is, that you are reading and you enjoy it. 

So I prefer print books, because I like the smell of books and books are beautiful. They decorate my room :D 

What I really don't like are E-Books format.. They are annoying me, because I can't turn the pages, I can't put them on my bookshelf and I just can't read them. I don't know why, but I really don't like e-books. I did try to read e-books, but after one page I don't want to read anymore. I don't enjoy it by reading e-books. I really want to know how do you guys can reading e-books. It's a torture for me. 

Well let's get back to the actually question. I've already told you that I prefer print books and there are two different formats: Hardcover and Paperback. I like hardcover more than paperback, because paperback is so thin and you can get wrinkle in books easier.. 

I also like audiobooks. Sometimes I don't want to read, because I want to draw or something else and then I listen to an audiobook. 

So what's about you? What's your favourite book format/s? 

Vanessa xoxo

Yanisa (acityofbooksblog)


  1. I love having a physical copy of a book but sometimes I cannot buy books because they're too expensive so I download Ebook :/

    1. Bookworms struggle :/ If I can't buy books, because they're to expensive, then I go to the library. But I write the title of the book that I lend and buy it later


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