The Halloween Book Tag

Happy Halloween everyone! đŸŽƒ

Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative. -Judy Gold
So let's be creative :D

Firstly, I would really like to go for trick-or-treating, but unfortunately I'm too old for that.. 
Well, instead of trick-or-treating I write a Halloween Book Tag.

1.) Favourite Scary (Must Read) For Halloween?
I don't read scary books, because it's scares me haha. I know that what it's supposed to do, but I don't really like horror and actually I'ver never read a scary book. But I'll show you a scary book I really want to read.

2.) Scariest Book Cover, Like Ever?
The Cover for "Coraline by Neil Gaiman" is the scariest cover. Actually it's not the scariest cover, but that was the first thought that comes to my mind.

3.) If You Could Go Trick-or-Treating With Any Author, Who Would You Pick?
Wow.., that's a good question. I think I would love to run around on Halloween with Julie Kagawa. She wrote "The Iron Fey series", which they belong to my favourite books series.

4.) If You Could Dress Up As Any Bookish Character For Halloween, Who Would You Be?
I would love to dress up like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Is she a bookish character? Nonetheless I would dress up like her

5.) If You Could Find Anything (From Any Book) In Your Trick-or-Treat Stash, What Would You Hope To Find?
Anything huh.. from any book.. like Mary Poppin's bag? If so I want a real wand from Harry Potter. I mean a real wand, with magic! Then I'm going to be a wizard ^^

6.) In What Fictional World Would You Like To Go Trick-or-Treating?
I would LOVE to go to the Harry Potter Universe. And eating at the Halloween feast in the Great Hall.

7.) What Book Villain Would You Not Like To Meet Alone In A Dark Alley On Halloween?
Definitely Lord Voldemort. But I don't want to meet any book villain in an alley on Halloween.

8.) Would You Rather Dress Up As A Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf Or Shadowhunter? 
A Shadowhunter, because I like their clothes.

9.) Pick A Candy (Just One) From Harry Potter That You Would Love To Find In Your Stash?
Chocolate Frog, I don't know why.. Maybe because I don't get that out of my mind. :D

10.) What Is Your Favourite Halloween Candy? 
I love these delicious bitch***.

So that was "The Halloween Book Tag". I hope you have enjoyed that. I tag you all, if you want to do this. :)

Vanessa <3

Yanisa (acityofbooksblog)

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